Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Communications Breakdown

Apologies for the lack of posting. That wasn't meant to happen but things have been busy!

I've been building up my yoga business - everything seems to be going well, I continue with my affirmations and my visualisations for the future. I'm particularly loving teaching the mum and baby classes too!

I've been on a few courses including a course with Fiona Agombar on teaching yoga to people with ME/CFS. Having suffered from ME since I was 16 I found the course invaluable in both my own practice and in my teaching -- if I can start to bring the therapeutic tools of yoga to people suffering from chronic fatigue and allow it to help them as it helped me it would be wonderful. More thoughts on yoga and ME here.

From this it seems I am assisting Fiona on a retreat in Turkey in October (all things being equal) and hopefully starting up a voluntary yoga class at a cancer hospice in West London. Fingers crossed for all of the above.

My own health rises and falls in peaks and troughs. I am currently waiting for an appointment with a rheumatologist as the all over chronic body pain just gets worse. It is more than just the scoliosis, it is more than just the ME. I am hoping for the fibromyalgia diagnosis to be formalised once and for all.

But the appointment hasn't come through yet.....

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