Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On moving to Cambridge...

Well last week we went up to Cambridge for a few days to look at some houses and for me to sign up with some employment agencies (Himself is in the fortunate position of being able to take his current job with him).

Some very positive feedback at the employment agencies, but still waiting for any actual job interviews to raise their heads of course!

But in very good news we did find a house!! It was a bit touch and go for a while because we had to wait for the Landlord to tell us whether or not we could take the kitties but we finally got our answer yesterday and we move on 1st September. Very exciting but also tremendously stressful.

It's a lovely little house in a really quiet cul-de-sac with three bedrooms a huge open plan living room/diner (part of which will have to be Himself's home office), kitchen and conservatory (where the cats can take their toilet!!). It's a bit shabby and the kitchen is a bit small but the pros definitely outweight the cons and once all our stuff is in there it won't look so shabby I'm sure.

So now I have lists and lists of "to dos" - sorting out packing, getting all the bills and stuff changed, mail redirection, cat pheromone spray for their long car journey!

Today I have booked the removal company and also a room at the Holiday Inn for myself for the two days when I will be here with the cats and the furniture will be in Cambridge.

Exciting times!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On food....

In an attempt to bring a little more balance and contentment into my life and adhere a little more closely to anti-inflammatory diets, I am slowly drawing myself back round to a more animal-free way of life. It's going to be a process of baby steps, first up I'm cutting out meat and dairy (I shouldn't be eating dairy anyway due to a lactose intolerance), working out all the products I like and don't like. For instance I had forgotten how much I love vegan "cheese" slices but yesterday we had some tofu sausages which have given me the worst indigestion I've had in ages!

I have to say in the three years in which I have been omnivorous again** both the variety of vegan products on the market and the variety of places you can get them has definitely increased. And that's going to make it easier. What makes it harder of course is living with a carnivore! That's not really fair, Himself is omnivorous and has no objection to eating veggie at least five times a week - but what I am not going to do is push my beliefs and my lifestyle choices on to somebody else. Relationships are about compromise and my compromise is to experiment in cooking dishes to suit us both. Which is probably why I'll never be the uber-strict vegan I used to be -- but baby steps eh? Anything is possible!


**I was vegan for many, many years but ended up really ill about 5 years ago with iron/Vit B12 deficiency due to endometriosis issues (not the vegan diet, although at the time I was going through quite a lot and totally not looking after myself - one cannot live on peanut butter sandwiches it appears) and started eating meat again. Since then I have of course spent several years fighting fibromyalgia and feeling I needed all the protein I could get! I am now in a position to start to cut meat out of my diet again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going there to come back....

So, now that all my yoga clients know about this, I can finally post about it in my public blog!

Himself and I are upping tools and moving to Cambridge in September. We both tire of London Life, and crave a quieter, more restful pace. Plus Cambridge is where I grew up and it will be fantastic to be near my family again - I'm a real homebody, who has been away from home for too long.

Himself has a job that is totally transportable so we will be lucky enough to have a very good salary coming in from the off. Now all we have to do is find a house that will accept two very troublesome kitty cats!


I am, therefore, beginning to think about the fact that in less than two months I won't be living in this house, I will have sold my yoga business (I am so blessed to have found two lovely ladies to take over from me) and I will not be teaching yoga. Instead I will (hopefully) have a job back working as a PA (currently registering with agencies and applying for jobs etc), the career I left 18 month ago to teach yoga.

And you know what? All of that sits perfectly with me. I had to do it. I had to leave work and teach yoga full time so that I don't get to 50 and turn around and say "damn I wish I'd done that". I had to go there to come back.

I know teaching yoga will always be in my life. Come the new year I'll set up some pregnancy courses again on Saturday mornings. I'll do my Pilates training and my pregnancy Pilates trianing. Pilates and an anatomical viewpoint seem to be far more where my practice and my teaching are heading.

Everything will come to the place it is meant to be and I'm so excited :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kitty Kat!

I know this is a little bit sad and mad-cat-woman-ish, but I have put the Parkster up for The Face of Whiskas competition!

Please vote for the little sweetheart. The website is here. His full name is Johnny Park and if you search for him his profile comes up and you can click on his profile to vote.

I know he won't win, but it would be nice to get lots of lovely votes!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adjusting myself

Every week I teach several classes of yoga students, adjusting them so they can get the most out of their practices. Put your foot here, turn your hip this way, release the shoulderblades, draw the navel in towards the spine, engage the core!

I thought it was time i cast a critical eye over some of my own practice so I asked my other half to take some photos. I was pleased with the results. I can see the things I need to work on; my right hip, my knees, releasing through the spine (I have scoliosis so of course I need to release through the spine!). It's extremely helpful to see oneself practice and a very good ego check. I know how I think the posture is meant to look but....

I am particularly pleased with the backbend work I've been doing and here is a picture of me in a modified (the legs are slightly more apart than is normal to help me open into the upper back which is where my scoliosis is) Bhujangasana (cobra pose).

And a little video of Surya Namaskara (sun saluations)