Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paris is just around the corner!

So, the cats are in their cat hotel (very expensive and exclusive with underfloor heating/air con, separate dining rooms and toilets and an outside run -- so good in fact they will not want to come home), I have packed all the things that are important to me (clothes, make up, hair straighteners, travelling yoga mat), passport, tickets, money all checked...

Tomorrow morning we're off to Paris until Sunday. It's my 35th birthday on Saturday and to soften the blow my honey is very kindly taking me away (many Brownie points for him).

Life has been a bit crazy recently and this will be just what we need to reconnect, relax and take check of our lives.

See you when we get back!

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me said...

I've just discoved your blog & find it inspiring! My yoga center closed last summer and I dearly miss it, and still try to practice a few times a week... but its not the same without a Master to help & teach... thanks for the inspiration!