Monday, May 18, 2009

Jala Neti

I spent yesterday on a yoga workshop. We worked predominantly on Pawakmuktasana 2 (a series of exercises that work the abdomen, helping with digestion and abdominal issues as well as working on Manipura chakra -- but I'll write more aobut this at a later date). We also did some work on the Kriyas or cleansing practices. Mostly theoretical as some of the Kriyas are quite bizarre (this is a good link if you are interested in reading more).

One Kriya that is both popular and useful in the West is Jala Neti. This is a salt water nasal cleansing, using a Neti Pot (see picture). Basically you tilt the head to one side and pour a solution of weak salt water into one nostril. You use a solution of one level teaspoon of seasalt in half a litre of warm (not hot) water. As the water goes into one nostril it comes out of the other and cleans out the whole sinus system. It is beneficial for people with allergies, sinus infections, ear, nose or throat issues, migraines and headaches and a whole heap of other stuff!

It must be done on an empty stomach (so first thing in the morning is good) and if you do a morning practice it should be done before the practice. Remember that the nose needs a lot of blowing afterwards to dry out the nostrils otherwise you will feel a bit sniffy all day!

I used to do Jala Neti regularly and I recall that it really helped with my persistent sinus and hormonal migraine issues. I can't really remember why I stopped. I think I broke my Neti Pot and never got round to getting another.

Well I have a new Neti pot and am going to try Jala Neti every morning for the next few weeks. Yesterday morning I had the beginnings of an hormonal migraine. After Jala Neti it began to subside without the need for painkillers.

Do any of you perform Jala Neti or any of the other Kriyals regulalry?


Yoga Witch said...

This is so funny - I just posted on this (with the same title) about a week ago.

I started using a neti pot when my allergies flared up this year. I LOVE it!

Isabelle said...

Your yoga sounds interesting but I have to say that the salt water thing is less tempting...

Bobbi said...

I just posted on this today, and then found your blog! (I'm searching for other yoga blogs to link to) I love my net pot. :)