Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On moving to Cambridge...

Well last week we went up to Cambridge for a few days to look at some houses and for me to sign up with some employment agencies (Himself is in the fortunate position of being able to take his current job with him).

Some very positive feedback at the employment agencies, but still waiting for any actual job interviews to raise their heads of course!

But in very good news we did find a house!! It was a bit touch and go for a while because we had to wait for the Landlord to tell us whether or not we could take the kitties but we finally got our answer yesterday and we move on 1st September. Very exciting but also tremendously stressful.

It's a lovely little house in a really quiet cul-de-sac with three bedrooms a huge open plan living room/diner (part of which will have to be Himself's home office), kitchen and conservatory (where the cats can take their toilet!!). It's a bit shabby and the kitchen is a bit small but the pros definitely outweight the cons and once all our stuff is in there it won't look so shabby I'm sure.

So now I have lists and lists of "to dos" - sorting out packing, getting all the bills and stuff changed, mail redirection, cat pheromone spray for their long car journey!

Today I have booked the removal company and also a room at the Holiday Inn for myself for the two days when I will be here with the cats and the furniture will be in Cambridge.

Exciting times!!

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