Thursday, September 10, 2009

I got a job!

Yes that's right. Tuesday was a very good day because I got offered the job I was interviewed for on Monday! And miracle of miracles, it was, out of all the gazillion jobs I applied for, the one I wanted the most. Which goes to show if make enough affirmations, something will happen :)

It is working as office manager for a charity called Inspire who basically promote art and music and performance as holistic healing for people with chronic illness and disability. Yesterday they had a ton of kids with Downs Syndrome in making rock music. :) They also work with people with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Chronic Fatigue, depression and even Fibro - so you see it's right up my street. Maybe I can get them all doing yoga too! The hours are pretty flexible (so hopefully I can fit yoga teaching in around it pretty well, when I start up again) and best of all it is just an eight minute drive away!

I haz teh happy :)


I am going to spend some time flitting around various yoga classes in Cambridge, working out what I like, what I don't, leaving my resume wherever it may need to be left and seeing what come of it all. I have a couple of masterclasses coming up with my teacher in the next few months also.

I went to a good class on Monday night - the first flow class I've been to in a while. Although someone came in ten minutes late and then left before savasana. Seriously?? I wouldn't never allow that! Maybe I am too strict? :/

Also I have been working on Eka Pada Rajakopotasana. It's something I have been practicing against the wall for some time. Well earlier this week I managed it without a wall!!! Only for a few breaths and my head is a looooooong way away from the sole of my foot but yay for balance!!!

So yeah, all good stuff!

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Eco Yogini said...


wow that sounds like an AWESOME job... totally would LOVE that :)

I bet yoga at the center would be a perfect fit! :)