Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Opening out

I went to a Pilates class last night run by my friend Katrina, who is also a yoga teacher (so honestly it's pretty far removed from the Pilates if you are a sort of Body Control Pilates type - but it's exactly the sort of Pilates I like - we use Ujjayi breath - very un-Pilates!!). I find I have to go to Pilates every couple of weeks for so to just check in with my alignment again. Alignment and physiology are so important to my yoga practice.

Katrina was talking about the changing of the seasons - I know she finds this time of year as depressing as I do. She said we all have a tendency to close in on ourselves, to want to hug ourselves - whether that be actually or metaphorically. So to counteract this we did an "opening out" practice. Lots of chest/shoulder/hip openers. Lots of grounding. Lots of strength.

And it felt gooooood!! :)


Eco Yogini said...

ouuu- sounds like the perfect personal practice for myself tonight! I'm glad you had a nice practice :)

PetalsYoga said...

Ahhhhhh.... I feel better already.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

You opened my heart too!