Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To be beside the seaside!

On Sunday we decided to get away from all things house moving and work related and we headed off to the south coast for the day. We ended up in Hastings (which is famous for a Battle that took place nearby in 1066) and had a lovely day just enjoying the sea air and each other's company away from the horrors of real life. I think we needed it more than we realised, we came home with a sense of reconnection to ourselves, to nature and to each other which was rather nice.

So we're now well into our penultimate week in this house. I'm madly applying for jobs in Cambridge and we're just generally plodding along to a point where we're ready to start packing. It's all very close now and neither of use can wait!

I'm not teaching tonight - instead the teacher who is taking over from me is teaching and I'm going to be practicing with the class, which will be weird but fun. Then next week is my last week of classes. Four more to go in fact! Eeek!

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