Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Suburban Yogini re-emerges

Last night I taught my first class as a dedicated yoga teacher, free of the corporate world and no longer rushing from work to home to class.

I ate an early tea and got to the health centre with time to spare, time to sit and meditate for a few minutes, time to focus on my breath and my space so that by the time my students arrived I felt calm and the space in which we practice felt filled with positive energy.

It was a small class last night as some students are still away for the Easter break, but it was a good one. I felt that for once I was teaching from the heart, not just going through the motions, I had the time to prepare myself beforehand and therefore had the time to dedicate to my students during their practice, and that is, after all, what they pay me for.

Long may this continue.

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