Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the yoga of writing

There is a moment whilst writing when pen and paper or fingers and keyboard become one; when nothing else matters; when the writer is totally absorbed in the present moment and the line between writer and written word disappears completely.

These moments to me are the yoga of writing. If yoga means 'yoke' or 'union' and yoga is the union of breath and movement, of body and mind, then this moment is the union of me as the writer and the writing itself. There is nothing else but the sound of my heart, my breath and the words forming in my mind and reforming on the paper or screen. There is no monkey mind. There is just writing.

I wish these moments came more often. But as with meditation and asana practice, the moments come and the moments go. We cannot force these moments, we can just allow ourselves to be.


Which brings me to a question, dear readers. I have read many, many books on yoga over the years; from the ancient texts to modern travelogues of yoga ashrams; from anatomical text books to the poetry of Shiva.

But is the yoga book market saturated? Or do you think there are so many more stories to be told?

(Naturally I am in the second camp. Otherwise I could be wasting my time!)


Melita said...

i definitely believe that there are more stories to be told. yoga has swept over so many people now and they are feeling & wanting to share their experiences. i think this is great! if you write a book i will definitely buy it!! hugs!!

RĂªverie said...

I'm sure there are always more stories to be told, as long as there are people out there willing to experience them then tell them :)

babs said...

More yoga books please! I love yoga resources. But, I also love the guilty pleasure of reading yoga novels. I've only read two: Enlightenment for Idiots and the Yoga Teacher. Both fun reads! Perhaps there is a yoga novel in you???? Please?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are more Yoga books to be written.

I'd like to read (and see in photos) the story of how a frazzled, slightly overweight, 43 year old Mum of two who is easily distracted and is completely unfocused is transformed by regular Yoga practice into a supple, calm, focused, slim, yummy Mummy of 44. I reckon I know a willing subject for this new book ;)

Hope those moments keep coming!

kathleen said...

I believe that no matter how many books are already out there, there is always space for new writers, new ideas, new perspectives - yoga is an ancient subject but is so entirely relevant to our modern lives.
I also believe that there is a reader waiting for every book - someone who needs to hear it from YOU.
All the best!

Lauren said...

What a beautiful post--just what I needed to read! Since I own roughly 3940394039430 yoga books, I am definitely of the "there's room for more yoga books!" camp. Every single one, even the ones on similar aspects of yoga, has taught me something unique.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

There are always stories to be told and re-told for sure and in new ways to a new generation, or to re-inspire the old with a different perspective. If you ever get published, you better let us know so we can go out and buy a copy! I love the way you write girl.

Rachel said...

Thank you as always ladies for your encouragement!

Babs - have you read Fear and Yoga in New Jersey or Yoga School Drop Out? I think you'd like them.