Friday, January 1, 2010

hello 2010 i think i'm going to like you!

All things considered it wasn't a bad New Year's Eve; we watched films and Father Ted and saw in 2010 rather decadently sitting in bed drinking pink champagne! I insisted upon wearing the outfit I'd planned for the NYE dinner party I didn't get to go to (*still* coughing). I adore this dress. I bought it for my graduation in 1997 and it still fits! In fact I think it fits better as I'm not quite as skin and bone as I was back then. It cost £200 from Whistles and whilst I nearly passed out spending that much on a dress, it has stood the test of time!

I would have worn these shoes, had we gone anywhere. As it was I just wore slippers.

And look! I'm using Poladroid! (Thanks to Nadine for the link - cuts the top of your head off though, maybe not such a bad thing....),

I also read this book by the author of daddylikey. If like me you ever look in your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear, you have to read this! Turns out I have tons to wear after all!

As with so much in life, the new year was tinted with a shade of sadness when I found out that Tim Hart had died. As the daughter of old folkies I grew up listening to Steeleye Span and there will always be a special place in my heart for them.

RIP Tim, play on.


Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Rachel,

Happy New Year to you too. Love the idea of Pink Champagne, Father Ted and your party frock - all while wearing slippers. Hope the cough clears up soon.

Onwards and upwards for 2010.....

Best wishes, Carol

Isabelle said...

Well, I surely wish I fitted into anything I wore round the time of my graduation! You look lovely.

Happy New Year.

rand(om) bites said...

Happy New Year Rachel and I like the way you spent your NYE but sorry you didn't get to go to the dinner party. How unreal that you have kept a dress for that long and can still fit into it. It's gorgeous. Thanks for the link to Poladroid, going to try that out :-)

kathleen said...

Rachel, it looks like Twenty Ten is going to like you back :-) you look great for someone suffering from bronchitis (even for someone not suffering from bronchitis!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend New Years Eve. Hope 2010 is a good 'un and brings improved health for you. xx