Wednesday, January 6, 2010

twelfth night - much love

(old christmas cards cut into hearts and packed away for gift tags for next year - inspired by this post)

When taking down the Christmas decorations
Instead of feeling sad,
I fill the box with love, with hope, with joy
And seal it tight.

This way I know that in December
When I open it again,
I will be surrounded by the love
Of Christmas past.


green ink said...

What a great idea to use this year's Christmas cards as tags for next year - brilliant, I might steal the idea myself :)

kathleen said...

A beautiful poem, Rachel - and a lovely sentiment. I felt a mixture of sadness and hope as I packed away the decorations, wondering what the year had in store and where we will be this time next year (we're in the process of selling our house).
I love the labels too!


This is a bRilliAnT idea...what a lovely way to reuse thus conserve and honor time past.


Anonymous said...

I started to do this with mine, and got overwhelmed with Christmas cleanup, and they ended up in the recycling bin. I'm regretting that now! :( Wish I had saved them!!