Thursday, January 28, 2010

things i love thursday (4)

*cycling to and from work - I'm finding myself really looking forward to this each day now. I love being able to incorporate my exercise into my routine - it gives me extra "me" time in the evening. Plus the cycle home really clears my head of work troubles.
*gin and tonic on a weeknight - I don't know what prompted this but Himself poured me a G&T last night. I never drink in the week so it felt naughty in a good way!
*my hair is getting so long!
*I have a week's holiday next week. We're going to Yorkshire, staying in a gorgeous hotel and getting tattooed :D
*slow but good progress on that novel I'm writing.


Marie said...

Oh, yum. The decadance! (But one drink a day is quite good for your heart you know. You're just being preventative!)

My hubby makes a lovely drink with lemonade, rum, fresh mint, lime and lots of ice that I adore on long, hot summer afternoons!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Pleased to hear about the novel and tattoo! Yorkshire sounds wonderful. As for drinks I would live to drink more, I truly would but I'm not a big wine or spirits drinker. I love the thought of sitting down in the evening with a glass of wine to relax but I'd far prefer a ginger-beer, sadly. xx

La Gitane said...

Drinks on a weekend - so nice to be naughty!! But after all, you have to balance out all that healthy cycling now don't you?!

green ink said...

Sounds like a lovely week! G&T's after work are great! xx

Inca Maia said...

Me time is so important, isn't it? I find that it's important not not just have 'me' time, but to go about creating that time in a creative way. 'Me' time spent on the couch doing zilch... vs. 'me' time spent biking and getting my head clear... the choice is clear. :)

Enjoy your holiday :)

Revisionista said...

So glad you found my blog & that I found yours!

Love your list. Have a fabulous vacay! :)

Emma said...

actually gin and tonics are way better for your health than all that cycling. oh definitely :)