Friday, January 8, 2010

things i love thursday (1)

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A little slow on the uptake here as most of the internet have been doing Things I Love Thursdays for weeks but I thought it would tie in well with my Project Mindfulness 2010!

So herewith every Thursday for one year five things I love right now to remind me of the beauty of the present moment.

(I am aware it is Friday - I have no excuses).

1. The sun shining on snow.
2. Finally rejoining the Poetry Society after years away.
3. Golden syrup on my morning porridge
4. Kitty cat shaped bumps under the duvet (clearly their fur does not keep these spoiled creatures warm enough).
5. Midwinter Sun Salutations.


Anonymous said...

Cool idea. I'll see if I can remember to join in next Thursday (or Friday ... ha ha)

Golden syrup mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

green ink said...

Sun shining on snow is beautiful.

YogaGal in the NW said...

Your blog is on my list too!

Lucinda said...

Oooo golden syrup, must try!