Thursday, January 21, 2010

things i love thursday (3)

It is another grey and cold fenland day, one of those days when being mindful reminds you that right now this minute everything is a bit.... well grey! So forgive my list for some of its trivialities today. A girl finds joy where she can. :)

* Finishing Chapter Six of that novel I'm writing! This is exciting for me because it's a strange and pivotal chapter that I had been putting off for about a year.
* Australian organics hair products.
* The sense of contentment and perspective I get when I talk things through with Himself. He really is "Don't Panic" personified!
* Hummus and avocado wraps.
* Dave Grohl being discussed on Home and Away - it's like a fangirl party in my television....;-)

I am sad that my spring bulbs haven't come up yet. I suspect those furry feline fiends of digging them up.


Who's that Gamine? said...

So I'm not the only one with cats in her garden? Whew!

You go girl, finish that book! Then you can give me motivation on how I can finish mine?!

Hope all is well in your world!



Rachel said...

It's really funny because I have two cats but they are indoor cats and the neighbours' cats come round to purposely dig up my bulbs (obviously). My two sit in the window hissing a spitting at them! Ha ha...

Thank you for your encouragement :)

green ink said...

Chpater 6?! Go you!!!! Perhaps we can novel swap at some point :)

Himself and my Tom sound like twins. Aren't boys great for helping you put things in perspective?

Too bad about your bulbs - bummer! I've brought my hyacinths inside to bloom, but the tulips, grape hyacinths and narcissus seem to still be ok outside. Fingers crossed for no digging cats :P xx

Eco Yogini said...

congrats on chapter 6!!!!! YAY! that's fantastic :)

also- i didn't even think of bulbs as in outside flowers!! sigh. the wonders of a canadian winter... always cold and spring takes FOREVER in nova scotia.

kathleen said...

Chapter 6 is certainly no trivial thing to love! Well done - and keep at it - I want to read the whole story beginning to end :-)
And yes, I agree on the hummus and avocado wraps - YUM.

p.s. my word verification today is 'begin' google trying to tell me to start Chapter 1???

Rachel said...

Thank you for your support as always ladies. It means a lot :)