Wednesday, January 20, 2010

yoga at your desk

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, both feet on the floor about hip width apart and nice straight spine. Relax the shoulders away from the ears and take a couple of full breaths.

1. Head and shoulder circles – rotate the shoulders a few times in each direction, working with the rhythm of the breath and role the head slowly in semi circles (ear to shoulder – chin to chest – other ear to other shoulder and back again) a few times.

2. Stretch the arms out to the sides and up interlocking the fingers and pushing the palms up towards the ceiling. On an exhale, keeping both sitting bones on your chair, stretch over to the right. Inhale back to centre and exhale to the left. Repeat twice more to each side and then release the arms down.

3. Take the right hand onto the left side of your chair and the left hand on to the back of your chair and twist to the left on an exhale. Hold for 5 breaths and release. Repeat to the other side.

4. Hold on to the back of your chair at about waist height. Open the chest and roll the shoulders back and down. Bring the focus to the heart centre and breathe. Take at least 5 breaths here.

5. Exhale and fold forward, abdomen on your thighs, release the head and neck and allow the lower back to release. Stay here for about 5 breaths (if colleagues are looking at you in a peculiar fashion you can always pretend you’ve dropped something on the floor!)

Try and do this at least once a day when you are at your desk all day. Take breaks from your computer whenever you can and if you have time, try to take a short walk on your lunch hour.

And don’t forget to breathe!

Namaste :) x


babs said...

Nice sequence. I liked it! I hate sitting at a desk all day and even with my yoga induced body awareness, I find myself hunching lower and lower over my computer. Yuck.

Marie said...

Thanks for this, Rachel! More time working, while appreciated, means more time sitting :(

I've been away from my practice for a few days and was feeling quite stiff. This is a great reminder that yoga and awareness can thread throughout any part of the day!


La Gitane said...

3 cheers for everyday yoga!! Love this - too many people think they don't have "time" for Yoga - but Yoga can be bite-sized, too!