Saturday, December 19, 2009

core workout

Our walk to the shops this morning took twice as long as usual due to the ice underneath the snow - so slippy! However, walking on ice does have it's benefits - it's a fantastic workout for the core muscles.

Hurrah to the gods of yoga for my core of steel ;)


Sarah said...

Ahhh, nice winter weather! Enjoy it! Snow finally arrived in Germany too...


Bob Weisenberg said...

Nice pictures.

Bob Weisenberg

Eco Yogini said...

lol- i never thought of it that way. oh core muscles, you are in every single aspect i do.... and i hate working on them lol.

beautiful snow!

Anonymous said...

I fear the benefits to my core muscles might be outweighed by the injuries I'll sustain if I fall over :S

I've never been very confident on ice since a particularly nasty fall while ice-skating a few years back. I need to work on my balance .... now Yoga can really help there?