Sunday, December 13, 2009

Swan Lake

"[A] description that is often used to describe it is 'homo-erotic' ... but surely just erotic would be a better way to view it. Are my male swans erotic only to gay men? I think not!"
-- Matthew Bourne

I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday afternoon out of the freezing damp streets tucked up cosily at Sadler's Wells Theatre watching Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (again!). A treat for my mum who hasn't seen it before.

I cannot tell you how much I love this production. Acts 2 and 4 are, to me, the most beautiful, erotic, ekphrastic pieces of art I have ever seen. Dance, more than any other media is constantly moving, changing, in flux. Like the universe around it. Like yoga.

And by casting male swans we are shown their power, their resentment and anger at their situation, their bestial quality in a way that their tutu'd female counterparts never could.

Plus of course it helps that they are hot. Chippendales for the thinking woman!


RĂªverie said...

Oh, that sounds absolutely wonderful!
I love a bit of ballet every now and then. To those who give it a chance, over the homo-erotic comments, it is quite a powerful artform, I think.
Also, bravo on your coffee froth activities! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous - "Chippendales for the thinking woman" - that's what the world needs more of!!