Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

There is an irony the fact that a couple of days after my last post I had the worst fibro flare up I’ve had in ages! Plans cancelled! Catastrophe!

Hey ho and never mind, we had fun anyway. As you can see we put our tree up and everything is coming up Christmassy! I’m starting to get excited about Christmas now and really looking forward to the break. Our office closes on Christmas Eve and doesn’t open again until 2010 (which is ages in the future, right?) and we’ve elected for very simple celebrations this year. On Christmas day itself we are going to the seaside (yes, I know, in England, in December, we’re insane), then I think we’re seeing family members the day after Boxing Day, going to a dinner party on New Year’s Eve at a friend-from-work’s house and who knows what in between. We’re definitely hoping for a trip to London (I want one of those Top Shop style advisor appointments before I’m too old for Top Shop) and bowling. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without bowling.

How about you, dear reader, what are you up to for Christmas this year?

This week I am also thankful for:-

  • The writing/editing course my parents have bought for me.
  • Pain medication for flare ups.
  • V+ (the recording device on cable TV) which is very handy when Dave Grohl and Rhys Darby are on at the same time on different channels.
  • My lovely life with Himself and the kitties (only one kitty present in the photo though!)


rand(om) bites said...

Sounds like you've got a really nice xmas lined up without all the chaos, perfect. I'm not quite sure what we're doing yet. Will decide next week when I'm free again. Lots of good things on your list and yeah, isn't it cold on your side of the world!? LOL - the seaside is always beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the fibro flare-up. Hope you feel better soon. Christmas plans? Well the kids break up for school a whole week before the big day (!) so I need some days filling up with fun and games. Maybe a trip to London, and seeing some of the rellies. A trip to the beach sounds fab - the sea air in wintertime really blows away the cobwebs. Hope you enjoy Christmas and New Year! x

Anonymous said...

Yay Christmas! It took me a while to get into the swing of things this year - but I'm doing good now. Started making some handmade decorations and this place is looking cheery. Now if only it didn't get dark at 4:30PM... Solstice, I'm ready for ya! ;)

Flo said...

Sounds lovely. Very wonderful things to be grateful for.
Lovely tree and adorable family!