Monday, December 21, 2009

winter solstice

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As the sun begins to show its head over the treetops and the snow makes the early morning silence of my cul-de-sac even louder, I scrape ice from the windshield of my car and remember that today is the shortest day.
Today I let the darkness enfold me and remember the year just gone.
Tomorrow I let the light back in.


Sarah said...

Thanks for remindung us of the winter solstice!


Anonymous said...

Shortest Day - yippeeeeeeee!!

I crave more daylight so things now just get better and better :o)

Sarah said...

Just a quick question: How do you incorporate winter solstice or summer solstice in your yoga classes? Any ideas or inspiration? Same with new moon or full moon. I want to start incorporating this in my yoga classes.

Have a nice day!

Emma said...

happy solstice to all!

sarah-- i posted a sequence for solstice/short days today... let me know if you like it :)



La Gitane said...

Sarah - I just posted on my blog about a little meditation I slipped into my class on the solstice:

Observing full moons and new moons are also great ways to get back in touch with natural rhythms. You can celebrate them in class by doing moon salutations and other moon-themed poses like ardha-chandrasana. Also, it's said that full moons make people feel strong while new moons make us want to rest - so a new moon class could be calm and full of meditations, while a full moon class could focus on strong poses or poses that people aren't usually game to try (while being careful not to push too far!)!