Monday, December 28, 2009

love & links

Well the cold slowly descended lung-wards over Christmas and now I am stuck with bronchitus. Hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah! Still I scrubbed up yesterday to go to Ma and Pa Yogini's for food and presents and to treat them to a cacaphony of coughing. This is what parents are for.

I'm loving these coloured opaque tights from M&S - apart from this green colour they have red, purple, pink, stripes, leopard skin.... and probably more. The green shoes are handmade by Ren over at Fairysteps. She's updating her shop right now, you should go and check it out. New shoes and bags for a new decade!

So how has your yoga practice been going over the long weekend? Sadly yoga and meditation are not conducive with paroxysms of coughing so my yoga over the last few days has mostly been about looking after myself and my poorly lungs. Those of you who are feeling better than me but struggling to keep up a routine over the holidays might like EcoYogini's hints and tips on DIY Holiday Yoga!

Have you chosen a word for the new year? Mine is mindfulness, I keep promising to elaborate on this and I will. Soon. In the meantime find out why Kathleen's word is courage.

It's resolution time over at Read Write Poem. I particularly like the resolution about aiming to get 12 rejection letters this year. That seems do-able!

I suspect many of you, like me, feel that there's a small chance you've eaten too much good stuff over the last couple of weeks. If you combine this with the treacherous ice we've had here and the treacherous state of my lungs, I haven't had a power walk in nearly a fortnight, and I'm feeling it. Sally over at Already Pretty gives a nice little pep-talk for all of us feeling a little out of shape.

Finally, Anna at Much Love asks three important questions about love. So here are my answers:-

1. One thing that you loved in 2009. Oh there were many things! But top of my list has to be Lyrica. Strange I know to choose prescription medication as the thing you love but my life turned around this year thanks to these little pills. I'm not saying there wasn't a lot of hard work on my part but the Lyrica certainly kick started me into being able to live the life I want in spite of my Fibromyalgia rather than merely exist in its shadow.

2. One thing you're loving at this very moment. Ooooh the smell of spicy parsnip soup which is cooking in the kitchen. Also Himself for still thinking I'm beautiful despite the cold sweat glistening on my brow from the effort of coughing!

3. One thing that you'd love to do next year. I'd love to have continued good health really. I'd also love to go to Dublin.

I'd love to know your answers to these questions dear reader. Let me know if you post them in your own blog.

I hope you all continue to have a wonderful holiday season and that none of you have to go back to work just yet!


kathleen said...

Hi Rachel, thanks v much for the link to my blog :-)
As for the things I love:
1. In 2009, I loved starting my blog and by doing that getting back to writing.
2. At this very moment, I am loving the sound of my 2 girls (7 and 4) and their 9 year old cousin negotiating their way through a game of Monopoly,
3. In 2010, I would love to fly to Cape Town to catch up with family and friends.

Hope you're feeling better soon Rachel x

muchlove said...

Thank you for answering the questions and linking my blog! :)

have a great week!

Emma said...

my boyfriend thinks he has pleursy. happy holiday lungs, right?

La Gitane said...

In 2009, I loved completing my Yoga Teacher training and teaching a regular slot - and I love my yogis!

Right this minute I am loving my new computer with its pretty screen... and my fluffy cat who is recovering from an ear infection and is finally finding her sense of play again this week.

In 2010, I would love to find a nice space to teach Yoga in, a space that could really be a studio, and not just a conference room round the back of a building that in the rainy season you have to walk through a flooded back driveway to get to! But that might be asking too much... :)

Hope you feel better!

green ink said...

No such luck, I have to work, but there's hardly anyone here...grateful for small mercies ;)

Hope you are feeling so much better soon! And I do love these link posts you do, I have discovered so many lovely blogs this way.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you've been poorly Rachel :o(

I used to be very prone to bronchitis and can empathise with how horrible you must be feeling. Take it easy, stay warm and dry and I hope you are back in good health very very soon.

To answer your questions:

1) A brilliant family holiday in Australia. Just having the time to be together and explore new places.

2) Catching up with all the news from the fantastic new bloggy friends I've been lucky to meet this year.

3) Visit friends over in the USA, get fitter and healthier, enjoy quality time with family and friends.

A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!! Warm wishes xxxxx