Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Frost of the Season

(a work in progress - for some reason everything I write at the moment is 16 lines long. It used to be 20. Soon I will just be writing a line at a time)

First frost,
Icing sugar motes dancing,
Like fairies skating
On blades of grass

Filled with salt and grit.
Swirling ice patterns
Spiralled on windscreens.

Bright colours
Of scarf, hat and glove
As commuters pass,
Snuggled against the biting cold.

First frost,
Winter’s leveller.
Repainting the everyday
With the fashion of a new season.


Jamie said...

I will try to remember how beautiful it is while I'm cursing and scraping it off my car windows tomorrow morning : )

Bob Weisenberg said...

I like your poem, which, along with Jamie's comment, reminded me of the the last piece I wrote about winter last February:

"Enlightenment in a Snow Shovel"

I hope you enjoy it.

Bob Weisenberg

Eco Yogini said...

i loved this Rachel.

i love the imagery. i can just picture it.

Anonymous said...

Love the poem - you are so talented. I especially love the image of fairies skating on blades of grass. I will try and appreciate my icy windscreen next time I scrape off those patterns - thankfully it's warm again today :)

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone - even though it looks pretty, it really is a pain when it comes to needing to drive your car!

PetalsYoga said...

So beautiful. I'm so glad I visited you today. Your poem made my heart happy.

kathleen said...

I loved reading about your First Frost, as the humidity hit almost 100% in Auckland today! :-)
You've inspired me to attempt some poetry writing...thanks!