Monday, December 14, 2009

happy things to be thankful for

  • Teaching again. Last week and this week I have been teaching yoga again for the first time since we moved (about 3 months). Whilst it has rendered me bone tired having been crazy busy at work again, I had forgotten just how much I love it. The first night I was so nervous but as soon as I started it all came flooding back and I thought "oh how I've missed this!"
  • A vat of homemade Yellow Split Pea Daal which has kept me fed during a week when I have had next to no time to cook.
  • Organic gin. Abel and Cole have their Christmas goodies in so we got some of this last week. My, oh my is it good (although of course I can only have one small one because of headaches and falling asleep!). Himself has organic Scotch, but hasn't tried it yet.
  • Vegan hot chocolate (even though, despite checking everything for traces of dairy it still gave me tummy ache - why do all the yummy things hate me!)
  • Binge reading.
  • 100% support from Himself on a new project I want to work towards when I actually thought he would try and talk me out of it on the grounds of "doing too much".
  • The "it's nearly here" feeling of a 10 day break over Christmas!
  • A rumour that (shhhh!) it might snow!!!


Anonymous said...

Those are good things :)

I just want the snow to hold off until the kids break up for Christmas holidays ..... and then I can admire it from my window rather than have to battle through it each (early) morning ;)

Anonymous said...

I get stomach aches from hot chocolate, too! Vegan or not... Darnit! ;)

Rachel said...

Angela - woudln't a white Fenland Christmas be fine!

GS - I wonder why it is? I guess I just have to admit my chocolate allergy *cries*

YogaGal in the NW said...


Thanks for you sweet comments and support on my blog! I'm so happy to have connected with you through Angela.

Love your blog by the way!


green ink said...

If you like gin, have you tried Hendricks, with a slice of cucumber in it? Heavenly!

Rachel said...

Hey Phil, my mum loves Hendricks! This organic stuff is called "Juniper Green" and it is delightful :D

I have lime in my G&Ts, I've never tried it with cucumber - I'll give it a go.