Monday, November 16, 2009


Brighton Beach at sunset - by me

This is my 100th post in this blog. It amazes me how much my life has changed since I first started to post here back in early 2008. That’s less than two years ago but to me it feels as though a entirely different person wrote that first post.

In early 2008 I was still working in corporate law in the City whilst teaching yoga three nights a week. I was exhausted as you can probably imagine. Luckily I was already well into the process of changing my life for the better. A couple of months after that first post I left law for good after 8 years and set up my own business, teaching yoga.

Since then things have changed again. Life is nothing if not unpredictable and in constant flux. We live in Cambridge now I work for a local arts charity and make the most of my evenings off. And since the move I have started using this blog a lot more and have met some fantastic fellow bloggers. It started off as an outlet for my thoughts on teaching and practicing yoga. It has since also become my notebook for recipes, and album for photos of my spoiled kitties and a blank page for the ramblings of my mind.

So dear readers, how has your blog changed since you started writing it?


Anonymous said...

My blog is still brand new but I definitely already see the value in blogging! Your story of climbing OFF the corporate ladder is really inspiring to me as a current 9 to 5-er : )

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post! Well done :o)

I find that for me Blogging has replaced my Facebook addiction ....... Blogging feels more creative and challenging and keeps me writing so that's a positive move. How has my blog changed? ..... well it never had a "theme" as such, but I've narrowed down my subject areas to travel, photography, humour, and just a dash of politics. I've decided against documenting my family's adventures unless we are on holiday or doing something specific, but even then I try and preserve their anonymity.

This is a thought-provoking post .... I hope I'll make it to 100.

Keep on posting, I love reading your blog x

Tom Bailey said...

My blog is too new to have really changed much I think it has become simpler. I like your blog and the positive theme of what you are up to.

This is my first visit I connected through anotehr blog.

Rachel said...

Jamie and Tom - welcome and thanks for visiting!

Angela - don't worry, I won't stop blogging any time soon :D

rand(om) bites said...

Congrats on your 100th post hon! I love the blogging medium. It's great to get your thoughts down and interact with other like minded peeps who motivate and inspire every single day. I've met a lot of bloggers for real and some of them have become really good friends offline as well. It's amazing that you used to work in corporate law and are now a yoga teacher! I'm so glad I came across your blog hon, you always make me smile.