Monday, November 23, 2009

The Suburban Yogini's Ten Commandments

As inspired by Kathleen and The Happiness Project.
(Kathleen also inspired me to choose my word of 2010 which will be "mindfulness" - but more on that later)

One: I am Rachel.
Not anyone else’s perception of Rachel,
Or an imitation,
but true to myself.

Two: I will accept
that not everything will always go to plan.
I will accept
that this is just the way things are meant to be.

Three: I know my strengths.
I know my weaknesses.
I embrace them
and am honest with myself about who I am.

Four: I will be conscious,
I will be mindful and alive
with all of my senses
at every moment.

Five: I will accept
my limitations as part of who I am,
and work
with them rather than against them.

Six: I will learn
to receive as well as give,
to be inspired as well as to inspire,
to be kind to myself as well as to others.

Seven: I will love
with every ounce of my being.
I will say
“I love you” more often.

Eight: I will accept
my past self as part who I am.
I will no longer
be ashamed of past actions.

Nine: I will always remember
that living is so much more than getting through the day,
and only I
am responsible for my own happiness.

Ten: I am not my scoliosis.
The reality is much deeper within
than even my own spine.
It cannot hold me back.


kathleen said...
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kathleen said...

Hi Rachel - I'm glad that you felt inspired to create your 10 commandments - I love the way you have worded them! Thanks for the link to my blog :-) have a great day! Kathleen x

Eco Yogini said...

Oh I LOVE this. I should have read this yesterday.


Sarah Von said...

This is *fantastic*!

K not Kay said...

I came here via OmBites and found this... beautiful. I particularly like number 9.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Rachel said...

Thank you all :D

And thanks for visiting!