Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reasons to be Thankful

This week has been all about work, work, work so I guess I'm thankful I have a job (although I am looking forward to work being not quite so busy!)

I spent half the week in training about new Government objectives in funding for people with disabilities. So I am thankful to live a in a country where people with disability and ill health do get finanicial help and opportunity. I am also thankful for the life I have.

The rest of the week was spent putting the final touches to a fundraising art exhibition which I have organised. It's been incredibly hard work and ridiculously frustrating but watching it all come together for the grand opening yesterday was awesome!

And a couple of other little things that make me smile right now:-

  • Lovefilm sending me the first season of Frasier - I had forgotten how funny it is!
  • Working out holiday plans which include going to see the new nephew.
  • Finally owning a vinyl player again, which means that I can dig out all my old vinyl from my parents' attic. It also means I can listen to 125mph again (which never made it onto the remastered CD for some reason - master tapes lost I presume?)
  • My dad's 71st birthday today (which he always reminds me with much delight is also the anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's resignation in 1990!)
  • A shot of JD over ice before bed.
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Yoga every day.
Good thoughts for a lovely new week for one and all - I have a very good week coming up! :D


green ink said...

I love the early Frasier's as well - earlier this year we started watching them all again from the start, we're up to series 6 now :)

I am thankful today for 1) a good 5 mile run with no breaks or knee pain today and 2) *finally* mastering the transition from chauturanga to upward dog!! I think I've finally cracked it!

Rachel said...

Hurrah for the asana progress! That transition is a tough one, I still can't do it every day.

green ink said...

I didn't realise that it's all in the abs! :)

And yay for your vinyl player too, I meant to mention - I want to get one too. We have lots of LPs framed on our walls as art, but I'd like to play some of them again.

Anonymous said...

Some good thoughts there .... and with America's Thanksgiving coming up, a good time to count blessings. We need to have an equivalent of Thanksgiving in the UK, obviously not with the same historical emphasis, but as a time for families to get together and appreciate what they have. (And it might postpone Christmas consumerism a little ....... yeah right!)

And I'd love a record player too!