Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reasons to be Thankful

"So who wants to live forever when these moments will only come the once?" -- Justin Sullivan

This week I saw the best band in the world. Every time I hear Vagabonds live my heart bursts. Dancing to NMA for 2 hours is worth feeling as though my sacro-iliac joint is on fire the next day. Never, ever stop touring. Never. One Family. One Tribe.

Also this week I am grateful for:-

* Poetry
* Foo Fighters on VH1 Storytellers (even if they did bleep out all the "fucks" - meanwhile Jay-Z is allowed to call women "bitches" without being bleeped!)
* Desperately needed days off work
* Donating blood (another one off my list). Having needed blood myself in the past I always swore when I was well enough I would give it back.
* Yin Yoga
* Cooking for my family (which included British wine. Yes that's right, British wine! And it was nice!)
* Sunday morning power walks followed by curling up on the sofa
* Reading a whole book in a weekend (I used to do this a lot, I just haven't found the time in the last couple of years)
* Things to look forward to


green ink said...

British wine?! What was it, and where from? This I have to try! :) x

Rachel said...

British wine - shocking stuff eh?!! It's from a place called Chilford Hall which is just outside Cambridge - you can do wine tours I believe, which I think we might have to do!

It tastes a bit like Reisling but not so dry.

(PS - congratulations :D)

RĂªverie said...

Hello there! :)
Glad you liked the quote - thanks for commenting!
I love "grateuful..." lists like the one you've posted here! It's always good to remember the positive things in life. (Especially if wine and books are in the equation!)


Who's that Gamine? said...

Wine and yoga is exactly what I need right about now :)

Lovely blog! I had to follow it, I hope you don't mind!



rand(om) bites said...

I can't wait to be able to read for pure enjoyment again...soon! Love these lists you do :-)

Rachel said...

Mary, I totally know what you mean. I did a 2 year Masters degree followed by my yoga teacher training - I don't think I read for pleasure for like, four years!!!