Friday, November 6, 2009


Green Ink drew my attention to this and I thought I'd join in :)

Fiona Robyn is going to blog her next novel, Thaw, starting on the 1st of March next year. The novel follows 32 year old Ruth’s diary over three months as she decides whether or not to carry on living.

To help spread the word she’s organising a Blogsplash, where blogs will publish the first page of Ruth’s diary simultaneously (and a link to the blog).

She’s aiming to get 1000 blogs involved – if you’d be interested in joining in, email her at or find out more information here.

Join up too - it looks like a great book and a brilliant idea!


Anonymous said...

So many writers are looking at alternative ways of getting their work out there ...... it's a really interesting and exciting time for many authors. I am writing a novel for children (very much a work in progress ...... !) and I'll aim to generate interest online before attempting to get it into print. I'll certainly consider getting involved with Fiona's project - it is a brilliant idea.

rand(om) bites said...

Aww, Phil's a gem! I didn't realise you had Tassie/Melbourne connections too :-)

Rachel said...

CambridgeLady - hey keep me posted on the children's book, happy to help with blog related marketing when the time comes!

rand(om) bites - my mum's sister married a Tassie guy and I spent lots of my childhood on and around Seven Mile Beach/Cambridge (outside Hobart). When I finished school I spent some time travelling which included time in Tassie and Melbourne (where my cousin now lives, my other cousin is here in the UK :))

green ink said...

Oh my, Rachel, we probably have met before then :D ha ha.

PS: You will love Fiona's writing. The Letters is my favourite so far.

Rachel said...

Green Ink - if you've been in Tassie a fortnight you've met everyone :D