Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Link Love

I am prone to melancholia. After years of thinking I had to be joyful all the time I am starting to come to terms with the fact that a little bit of melancholy teamed with a sarcastic poke in the eye and a big dollop of realism is OK. In fact it's what keeps me grounded. Times of joy in my life are important but like the times of tragedy they pass and life continues in its endless pile of laundry and cat litterboxes that need cleaning. I continue to work on finding balance.

You, dear readers, keep me on my toes as do the blogs I read. So I decided, on this cold winter morning on the fens to share the love (very difficult to pick just five, but please consider yourselves all equally loved!)

1. Fiona Robyn - a published author so always an inspiration, but also a realist as can be seen in this post.
2. Eco-Yogini - her attitude to yoga, saving the earth and life in general is just right - we could do with more of her in the world. Passion without fundamentalism. Awesome.
3. Green Ink - seems to always post something that echoes my thoughts at that moment. Plus she originates from my favourite place in the world :)
4. Rand(om) Bites - next time I'm in Sydney I am so meeting up with this girl for a beer! :D
5. Strictly Writing - inspiration and cynicism mixed in with procrastination. What more can a girl want!

(and a special mention to Just Wafflin' - I love this woman and her funny, passionate very British posts!)


Eco Yogini said...

oh Rachel- this post made me cry (I sucked some of it up since i'm at work). I've actually been feeling pretty ridiculous this past week and your post was absolutely and eerily perfect.

Thank you so very much for your kind words- you don't understand how much I needed to hear that today.

You inspire me :)

green ink said...

Rachel, what a lovely surprise! Thank you for your kind words. Your blog is one of my daily reads, for yoga inspiration and just life inspiration in general :) I think we should have a beer and swap Tassie stories sometime. Wish Mary could join us, now there is one super cool and inspiring chick.

Have a lovely weekend hon xx

rand(om) bites said...

Aww, Rachel you are so gorgeous, and Phil! I am really going to try get to England this year so that beer might just be around the corner - all three of us!! But yoga first LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, thank you so much for your special mention. I really appreciate it so much. I'm not sure what direction my blog is taking but I always aspire to a mix of discussion points and humour. Glad you like it.

I'm looking forward to checking out the 5 blogs - I'm always seeking new and interesting reading material.

Have a fab weekend :o) xx

Rachel said...

Awww Lisa! I didn't mean to make you cry :o

Phil - thank you and awesome idea! Hope to see you in 2010 (I keep saying that to everyone because it sounds so futuristic but is in fact mere days away!)

Mary - Yoga always comes first (just)!

Angela - you're welcome :D