Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 25 - Growing Old Beautifully

As I approach 35 I begin to notice the little signs of aging; crows feet around my eyes, the odd grey hair (well quite a lot of grey hairs to be honest!), my stomach not being as flat as it used to be. Like a lot of women, these things do bother me. I know they shouldn't. But they do. Which is why this article really made me sit up and pay attention.

An 83-year-old Australian yoga teacher, who can still do asanas that I have no hope of doing in this lifetime. A lesson to each and every one of us that as we get older we are not leaving our youth behind we are moving forward into an even more rewarding and fulfilling time of our lives.

Three cheers to this amazing grandmother, an embodiment of the benefits of a yogic lifestyle!

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